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Development is Key

At Elite Development Academy (EDA) our focus is set on guiding athletes towards their goals and to see them succeed in pushing through to the next level.


Everybody is unique, with their own strengths and limitations. Our method is to custom build personalized plans based on our athletes mentality, health, schedule and most importantly, goals and aspirations. We aim to transform and influence our athletes to make more mindful decisions both in and outside of their sport, while enjoying fun-filled and informative sessions.


Our custom designed programs and sessions are not only focused around improving sport-specific skills but also on improving sport-specific movement through resistance, speed, agility, reaction, strength and power training. We have a 70/30 split in mind when designing sessions, with 30% of the session spent on sport-specific movement training, and the other 70% of the session spent honing skills on the field, court, diamond, track, ring, course or wherever else you compete. However, this ratio can be altered to what our athletes want and need. 


An EDA coach mirroring a medicine ball throw with a football athlete

What We Do

We spent time determining goals and outcomes for our athletes whether they are in it for the long-haul, or if they just want a few extra sessions occasionally. We do this by following 8 simple steps - 

Analyze: We treat each athlete differently as no two athletes are identical. This starts from our first session by discussing goals, aspirations, strengths, weaknesses and work-on's, then creating sessions based off those choices. We continue to adapt these as we hit goals or change work-on's as we progress together.

Ambition: As a coach one of the most important roles is motivating athletes and helping them see their true potential. We push our athletes to limits we believe they are capable of achieving through hard work and fun but challenging sessions. We aim to stimulate our athletes to start thinking about the 'why am I doing this', and not just the 'what am I doing'.

Growth-Mindset: We push our athletes to believe in themselves and in their ability to change, learn and develop. We encourage mistakes as errors are seen as a natural part of learning. This creates a growth-mindset culture where our athletes process their mistakes and correct them in a way that they can learn from, manifesting a love to learn.

Values: We believe that as coaches we can instill more than just sport development. We push ourselves to continue to grow and encourage core life values, especially in our younger athletes. The five values we incorporate are respect, commitment, passion, accountability and positivity. We aim to help build not just our future athletes but also are future people, as in sport and life these values are important.

Develop: Development is key... We aim to design sessions that embrace development in both sport-specific skills and sport-specific movements to see constant improvement. We as coaches have failed our job if hard-working and motivated athletes plateau or decline.

Execute: Execution is crucial, both from an athletes perspective but also a coach's. We hold ourselves accountable to accomplish our action plan of seeing development. We strive ourselves in knowing not only how to plan sessions for development but to execute them in a way that will help our athletes reach their goals and learn how to use their time most effectively. 

Advise: At EDA we strongly believe our job is never over, even once the session is finished. That's why we include weekly work-on's for both sport-specific movements and skill exercises that our athletes can continue to do outside of training time. We actively work with our athletes in adapting these movements and skills to suit their motivation and ability levels. We do this to challenge athletes who want to push themselves harder as well as providing joy to our athletes outside of scheduled training times.

Fun: Most importantly fun!! The reason we are all around sport is due to our love for it. We want to create a safe and enjoyable space for our athletes where questions and fun are encouraged and incorporated constantly through every session.

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